Set Due Date by Time Frame

We have simplified the way you set a due date because half of the time when creating a task you just have a general Time Frame in mind, such as Do This Week or Next Month.

So instead of using a clunky date selector, you can just type do this year, bizzyMee accepts a wide variety of combinations, the rules are simple:

  1. 1. Always start with: Do
  2. 2. Then:  By  On  This  Within  or  Next
  3. 3. Finish with a logical timeframe like a day of the week or a month.


  • do tomorrow
  • do by friday
  • do this week
  • do within month
  • do next year

Of course you can use a clunky date selector if you prefer.

Where? In the Tags field.

Quickly Clear Tags

Just swipe your finger to the left like you are brushing the tags aside.

Quick Delete or Done

Press and hold on a task in the Main list to get a context menu which will allow you to complete or delete the task.


Using the context menu you can restore completed or deleted tasks, plus you can create a copy of completed tasks.

What is the T button?

The T stands for Toggle and allows you to toggle the way the filter works, from ALL to ANY.
What does that mean? The default is ALL, for a task to appear in the filtered list it must have ALL of the tags in the Tags filter. When set to ANY a task will be included if it has ANY of the tags in the filter.

Exclude Tags

You can also exclude all Tasks with a certain Tag from your list by putting a minus sign before the Tag in the filter.
e.g. shop -groceries will show all Tasks with a shop Tag and EXCLUDE all Tasks with a groceries tag.